Sunday, February 25, 2018

About Our Trainers




Goh Huang Yong started learning investment from his father since 1985. His father also taught him the difference between investing and trading, and he has been trading shares till he came across a website that introduce him Forex at 2003.

Goh started with demo account and traded for the first month and made about 100% from that capital. With confidence he started trading with only USD$300.

One month later, his USD$300 account turn into USD$1,823.78. However he made a few mistakes and this account go bust.

From then on, he told himself to trade with eyes and hearts open.

Since then, he has been making about USD$8900 monthly.

His success with Forex caught eyes from a Malaysian Forex School and was invited by to coach at East Malaysia. During his coaching, he successfully trained a student to be a Forex Coach as well.

Goh also holds a Degree in Sales and Marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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