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Forex Outlook for 2010 1st 2 months

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Update on Exchange Rate Forecast: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF An overwhelming amount of liquidity has been the major driver of risky assets. Although indicators of economic have been mixed, we have been seeing rallies in, not only in, higher-yield currencies but also in stocks and commodities as well. Thanks to the huge capitals in […]

Basic of Forex Charting: 2 Commonly Used Charts

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The most commonly used charts to analyze currency movement are Bar Chart or Candlestick Chart. Although they convey similar information, they display these information differently. Bar Chart Bar charts uses to show, a graphic form, information of the open, high, low and close. These are important for analyzing price information. Below is an example of […]

Forex Trading Basic: Two Types of Trading Analysis

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Basically there are 2 type of analysis you can take when approaching the forex: Fundamental analysis Technical analysis. In my personally point of view, knowing and understanding both of these analysis are important. There may be a lot of debate and discussion about which is better, which is analysis can generate more money. However, the […]