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Forex Trading: Advantages of Larger Time Frame

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When I started trading, I was looking the forex chart at the time frame of 15 mins. After a few days. , I went to 5 mins chart, then back to 15 mins chart… My strategy then was earn 20 pips daily and trading using the support and resistance lines. I was thinking, “hey! Earning […]

Forex Tips: Handling News with an Open Position

Last blog post, we discuss on trading Forex with the news. This blog post will discuss how to handle an open position when there is a major news that is coming. Before we carry on, I would like to make clear that there are some forex strategies wouldn’t be that ideal for this plan . […]

Forex Tip: Trading with the News

Trading Forex with the news is very unpredictable. Personally, I don’t like unpredictable and irrational events. Not just in Forex, but anything in life. It makes me feel stupid. So my best defense against irrational, unpredictable events will be stay away from them. I mean, will you like to take a lift from a drunk […]