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Off topic: Take a break

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When your boss is really hitting your nerve, and you have been having a series of losing trades. The feeling is really like the end of the world. Uncertainty bites your neck as it reminds you that you are getting older, there is no such thing call job security, your kids are getting smarter and going to university. You need help, you feel that you are running out of time!

Hold it!

Yes, problems are true. But there is no use to over-anxiety on them. No point burn yourself out for these problems. Take a break dude. Here are some suggestions that is relaxing and helpful.

Walk the mall

Take a walk my friend. Look at the advertisements. Look at how people dress. Look at the items they carry. Listen and watch how a person talk, express him or herself. Look at how shops do their routine business stuff. Just walk and look around.

The idea is observe others. Bring your mind away and look at others. There are things you never noticed before. Or things that you have always take things for granted.

Try something different

Buy a different cup of coffee or bubble tea if you have yet to try it. Play the arcade games if you wonder why your kids are so obsessive with. Just don’t try the dancing games, people will laugh their ass off. Buy a fantasy book and read. Buy new funky clothes! That will be great! Just try to do something different.

Trying something new and different can refresh your senses however, please do it with an open mind. Just stay away from cigarettes and unsafe sex…

Be sinful

No… please don’t go to the red light district.

No… please don’t go to the Integrated Resort and squandered your already blood-earned money.

Just go a little shopping, buy some new clothes. Have a FULL BODY massage. Eat a candlelight french cuisine with your wife or husband (Beg him to take you there! Just remember to reward him afterwards. I am sooo naughty. )

Pamper yourself just this once. Just make sure the money is well spent on things that you can benefit from. Recently I brought an Ipad. Something that is useful and worth it.

On an important note

Recently my friend and I had a little chat. We both agreed that even we make a lot of money but we did not make our life happy is a really a waste of our time. So what is the point of having so much money and not happy? Yes, making money is important. But the reasons my good friend and I trying to make so much money is because we wish that we do not have to worry about it in the future. Not make our lives miserable.

Nor we agree that we shouldn’t sacrifice too much for money. Enjoy making money in the progress of creating wealth. That should be the way life should be live.

To end this blog post. I wish you may spend some time to watch this video. Enjoy life my fellow readers.

The Last Lecture before his Death

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